Hi and welcome. I'm pleased to present to you my debut album 'Good to See Ya'. I poured my heart and soul into this album and wrote and recorded it over a period of 20 years. All the songs are written and arranged by me except for one that I rearranged only called 'Unit7' by Wes Montgomery. 'Cavil Ave' is a tune that pianist Wil Sargisson, who plays on the album, said it was  "world class and right at home on anyone's smooth jazz playlist". Thanks, Wil. 

I lost a lot of hair making it... nah just kidding. It was a lot of hard work and a great learning experience. Many stories to be told from the experience to share one day. Thank you to my friends and fellow musicians who helped me. Dean Harawira on bass and inspiration to get it done. Joe Delalande on drums, studio engineer, and studio. The one and only Wil Sargisson on keys. Reggae man Grant Pukeroa on drums for 'Good News'. A big thank you to Andrew Parker from Parkers Music House in Sydney who mixed it and did stuff to it to make it sound amazing.

And last but not least. Thank you to my wife Helen and son Zachariah who lived and supported me all the way through. 🙏♥️

Feel free to browse around. The albums are available digital and hardcopy at the shop. I'll post it out to you. 

Hey thanks everybody. 

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